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the 4 lorrains departments 

région Lorraine (in French)
Meurthe et Moselle (in French)
Nancy 01 (in English)
Nancy 02 (in English)
Meuse (in French)
Barleduc (in French)
Moselle (in French)
Metz (in French)
Les Vosges (in French)
Epinal (in French)
Barleduc (in French)
Jeanne d'Arc 01
Jeanne d'Arc 02
Claude le Lorrain
Georges de la Tour

Saint Nicolas



Jeanne d'Arc : héroine of Lorraine

Jeanne d'Arc

Claude le Lorrain

Georges de la Tour




La Lorraine

is a French administrative region situated in the north-east of France. 

It is positioned between  
Champagne to the west,
Alsace to the east,
Bourgogne to the south and
Luxembourg and
Germany to the north.

A few numbers :

2 319 900 inhabitants (lorrains)
23547 KM² that is  99 inhabitants per km²

La Lorraine is made up of 4 départements :

- La Meurthe et Moselle ( 54 )

Chef lieu : Nancy

- La Meuse
( 55)

Chef lieu : Bar-Le-Duc

- La Moselle
( 57)

Chef lieu : Metz

- Les Vosges

Chef lieu : Epinal


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