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photo © Ville de Nancy

Q1 : What is the name of this fountain?

a   Fountain of Neptune
b   Fountain of Venus
c   Fountain of Jupiter

Q2 : What is the name of the French architect and decorator who integrated the "rocaille" style to classical architecture.  He was known for having built the castle of Lunéville as well as several Parisian hotels:  Amelot de Gournay (1695), Torcy (1714) and Soubise (1735-1740). ?

a  Germain Boffrand
b  Emile Gallé
c  Emmanuel Héré

Chateau de Luneville near Nancy
from site

Q3 : Nancy owes a large part of its architectural heritage to which dethroned king?

a   Henry VIII
b   Stanislas Leszczynski
c   Willliam the Conqueror

Q4 : What country was  Stanislas Leszczynski king of?

a  Austria
b  Poland
c  Hungary

Stanislas Leszczynski

Q5 : Which style developed in this city at the end of the 19th century, called the Nancy School?

a   Fauvism
b   Cubism
c   Art Nouveau

Q6 : Antonin Daum (1864-1930) : Because of his studies as an engineer, what kind of decoration did he create with his brother Auguste which introduced color and the Art Nouveau style?

a  engraving
b  architecture
c  glasswork

Q7 :Engaged in the Art Nouveau movement for about twenty years, artists, craftsmen and industrialists joined together in 1901, under the direction of which person to form   the Nancy School or  "Alliance Provinciale des Industries d'Art" ?

a   Emmanuel Héré
b   Emile Gallé
c   Germain Boffrand

Daum Glass

Q8 : This movement acted mostly in which area to promote this new art form?

a   Decorative Arts
b   Music
c   Literature

architect Henri Sauvage
from  site Architecture et Ecole de Nancy

Q9 : What is the name of this first house typically  "Art nouveau of Nancy", built in 1901-1902 , conceived for one of the main artists of the Nancy School,  Louis Majorelle ?

a  La Villa Médicis
b  La Villa sans Souci
c  La Villa Majorelle -ou Villa Jika

Q10 : Already weakened in its last creations the Nancy School ended at the beginning of which war?

a  First World War
b  Second World War
c  Third World War

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villa Majorelle
Henri Sauvage


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