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Joan of Arc (1863) de Dante Gabriel Rossetti peintre Pre-Raphaelite, avait une vision du monde médiéval et des légendes  Arthurienne avec une intensité comparable à celle de Blake.
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Joan of Arc (1863)
by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

1. Where was Jeanne d'Arc born?

a-   Domrémy in Touraine
b-  Domrémy in Lorraine
c-  Domrémy
in Auvergne


2. What year was she born?

a- 1412
b- 1492
c- 1214

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3. She wanted to free France from the___?___

a- Spanish
b- Bourguignons (Burgundians)
c- English

4. At 16 Jeanne goes to Vaucouleurs to help king____?

a- Charles VII
b- Henry IV
c- Louis

château sur la Vienne

5.   After much hesitation, Robert Baudricourt takes her to see the king in  _____?____ (at the junction of the Vienne and the Loire rivers). She recognizes the king, whom she has never seen before, in spite of his disguise.

a- Chenonceau
b- Chinon
c- Chambord

Joan of Arc by Annie Louisa Swynnerton(British, 1844-1933)In addition to her allegorical paintings, Swynnerton exhibited many portraits at the Academy in the 1910s. In 1922, backed by Clausen and Sargent, Swynnerton was the first woman to be elected an Associate of the Royal Academy. The only previous women to rank as Academicians were Angelica Kauffman and Mary Moser, who were signatories to the Instrument of Foundation in 1768 and thus were made members without being elected.
St. Joan
by Annie Louisa Swynnerton

(British, 1844-1933)

6. Jeanne asked for a sword that her   ____?____   had told her would be found behind the altar of the  Chapelle de Ste-Catherine-de-Fierbois

a- soldiers
b- priest
c- voices

He was a great experimenter with techniques and much of his work is in tempera. His subject-matter remained rooted in the Celtic Revival and the Pre-Raphaelite tradition, but he also painted 'straight' landscapes in Iona and elsewhere, and took a keen interest in the development of modern art.

Jehanne d'Arc et sa Garde Ecossaise
John Duncan (British, 1866-1945)

1429 : The city was under siege for 7 months by the English.  They surrounded it so that no supplies could enter.  Jeanne d'Arc  encourages the French army. l

7. Jeanne d'Arc, leaving Blois with a rescue army, raises the siege of  _______?____ on April 29th 1429.

a- Orléans
b- Rouen
c- Reims

William Blake Richmond (British, 1842-1921)
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Joan of Arc (1885-1909)
by William Blake Richmond

In 1415 Jean sans Peur, duc de Bourgogne (Burgundy), signed with Henry V of England   the  pact of Calais, by which he recognized the king of England and his descendants as the successors to the throne of France.  The 21 may 1420, the agreement is signed which eliminates the dauphin (heir to the throne) Charles VII.   France and England were to be united under the English crown.

This was the situation of the dauphin Charles: officially banished, outcast by his own parents, pushed away from the throne.  He took refuge beyond the Loire, and his supporters were getting fewer.  A legend said that a "maid" would free Orléans, put him on the throne, and put an end to the "100 years war".

8. The  Dauphin  is crowned Charles VII on July 17 1429.
Normally all the kings of France were crowned in the Cathedral of

a- Rouen
b- Reims
c- Paris

  reimsjda.jpg (18037 bytes)
Statue de P. D'Epinay, sculptor

The "Hostages of the holy phial"  are the four lords assigned to escort the Holy Phial to the cathedral of Reims for the ceremony of the crowning of the king of France.

For Charles VII, according to the usual ceremony, the lords came in on horseback into the cathedral, surrounding the Abbot of Saint-Rémi, Jean Canard, who carried the precious crystal bottle containing the Holy Chrism (oil), encrusted into a gold  shrine  the shape of a dove which refers to the legend of the apparition during the baptism of Clovis.

9. the "Holy Phial" or "Holy Chrism" is kept in the ______?____.

a- Basilique du Sacré-Coeur in Paris
b- Abbaye de Saint-Denis in Saint-Denis
c- Basilique de Saint-Rémi in Reims

joan_painting1.jpg (10437 bytes)  reproduction of the 1450 illumination 
commissioned by the Duke of Orleans
for his book of poems.
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Before leaving for  Orléans, Jeanne  had two banners made by a painter from   Tours, Hauves Poulnoir. the "small banner" was accidentally burned when Jeanne entered  Orléans.

10. The "big banner" disappeared when Jeanne was captured by the  Bourguignons in  ____?____

a- Orléans
b- Compiègne
c- Tours

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