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             State capital of Meurthe-et-Moselle.
Region : Lorraine
100.000 inhabitants (nancéiens),
more than 300.000 with its suburb.
Historic, cultural and University City

Embarkation of Saint Ursula

Q1 : Who painted this painting?

a   Le Lorrain
b   L'Alsacien
c   Le Suisse

Q2 :In which capital did this artist live in 1627 to practice his art?

a  Rome
b  Paris
c  London

  Q3 : What was the real name of this painter called Le Lorrain (Chamagne,Vosges-1600, Rome-1682)?

a   Claude Gelee
b   Georges de La Tour
c   Gustave Moreau

Madeleine at the candle

Q4 : Which artist painted this painting?

a  Watteau
b  Georges de La Tour
c  Jacques Callot

Q5 : What official title did this French painter receive in 1639?

a  Painter extraordinary of the Regent
b  Official painter of the Queen
c  Ordinary painter of the King

The painter Claude Duruet and his son"(1632)

Q6 : Who is the author of this engraving? (Nancy-1592, Nancy-1635) ?

a  Claude Duruet
b  Durer
c  Jacques Callot

Q7 : In which other country outside of  the Lorraine region did this audacious painter of genius work ?

a  Germany
b  Italy
c  England

Q8 : The series "Caprices" (1617),  "Gueux" (1622) et des "Miseries of the War" (1633), made him particularly famous.  What were they about?

a  engravings
b  oil paintings
c  sculptures

Museum of Fine Arts

Q9 : Situe Place Stanislas, the architectural ensemble ( the Museum of Fine Arts today) was conceived by which architect in 1755 for the  Duc Stanislas ?

a  Claude Duruet
b  Henri Sauvage
c  Emmanuel Héré

Q10 : What is the name of this famous Nancy door (Porte)?
a  Porte de Lorraine
b  Porte des Lilas
c  Porte de la Craffe

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nancy historique

C.le Lorrain
tout nancy
mairie de nancy
office de tourisme
Jacques Callot

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