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couronement Reims
Miniature du XVe siècle -
Bibliothèque nationale, Paris

After the crowning of Charles VII, but before her capture in  Compiègne, Jeanne continues to fight the English and the Burgundians (Bourguignons).

During one of the battles of Paris and  St.Denis, Jeanne d'Arc was wounded by an arrow.

Engraving based on a painting by Mme. Dechatilon
Joan of Arc Dedicating Her Sword
Engraving based on a painting by Mme. Dechatilon,
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1. Charles VII signs a treaty with the  Bourguignons, and Jeanne must ___?______ on the altar of  St.Denis.

a- pray
b- put down her sword
c- give herself up

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In December 1429, Charles VII gives her and her family a title of nobility, but she must wait until May to leave for battle again in  Compiègne. 

2. In Compiègne, Jeanne is captured by  Jean de Luxembourg who sells her to the _______?_____. 

a- English
b- Bourguignons
c- Church

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(Kingdom of France in dark--the road Jeanne d'Arc took)
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The English had a superstitious fear of Jeanne, but they could not kill her simply because she had won.   By declaring her a heretic, they could rid themselves of her and the patriotic French force that she represented.  

3. The English send Jeanne to the Bishop of Beauvais, a ____?_____   sympathizer who directs the inquisition.

a- Church
b- Bourguignons
c- Charles VII


Joan of Arc in prison 
by Howard Pyle
(American, 1853-1911)
oan of Arc in prison
by Howard Pyle
(American, 1853-1911)

4. What was the name of the Bishop?

a- Pierre Dupont
b- Pierre Cauchon
c- Pierre Tartanpion

delaroche4_p.jpg (14061 bytes)
Jeanne d'Arc en Prison
parPaul Delaroche
(Français, 1797-1856)

5.   Her English prison and her trial were located in  __________?

a- Reims
b- Rouen
c- Orléans

St Joan
by John William Waterhouse
(British, 1849-1917)

After 14 months of interrogations, Jeanne was found guilty of heresy and sorcery because of her voices and because she wore men's clothes, "a crime against God"(difformitate habitus) .  She refuses to change clothes because her voices had not directed her to do so, and to protect herself against the sexual abuses of her prison guards.

6. On the 30th of May 1431, she is burned at the stake on Place du Marché de ________?

a- Rennes
b- Rouen
c- Reims

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7. Charles VII did not even try to save her. Jeanne was ___?___.

a- 19
b- 16
c- 30

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Jules Bastien-Lepage - Jeanne d'Arc à Domrémy

8. Her ashes were thrown in the river ___?___.

a- Loire
b- Seine
c- Marne

Statue de P. D'Epinay,sculpteur(détail) Cathédrale de Reims

9. Twenty-four years later, in 1456, a rehabilitation trial will find her innocent.   In 1909 she is beatified by Pius X and canonized by  Bénédict XV in ____?_____.

a- 1960
b- 1920
c- 1980

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Sarah Bernhardt - Jeanne d'Arc

10. Since the, many books, plays and films have been created on the life of Jeanne d'Arc.  Among these works are L'allouette by Jean Anouilh, St. Joan by Bernard Shaw, and
St. Joan by the American author ____?____.

a- Mark Twain
b- Nathaniel Hawthorne
c- Edgar Allen Poe

Jeanne d'Arc--Abbaye de St.Hilaire
Sépulture des comtes de Carcassonne
la salle capitulaire,ceiling painting.

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