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The Great Wall of China 02

Q1: The  Han emperors (206 B.C. - 220 A.D.)  continued this construction.
How many kilometers was it extented?

A100 000 kilometers
B1 000 kilometers
C10 000 kilometers

Q2: Which dynasty built the  white marble door called  "Juyongguan"?

Athe Mongolian dynasty Yuan
Bthe Ming dynasty
Cthe Han dynasty

Q3: The threat of the Mongols on the empire encouraged the Ming (1368-1644 A.D.)
to repair and build new wall sections, but this time into hard, brick and hardcore combinations .
How high were the walls, now furnished with crenels?

A2 meters
B15 meters
C8 meters

How thick is it?

A6 to 7 meters in thickness
B16 to 17 meters in thickness
C3 to 4 meters in thickness

ideogram meaning the "Wall of the Ten Thousand Li"

Q5: This prevented the incursion of which people?

Athe Hindus
Bthe Vikings
Cthe Mongols

Q6: What did the soldiers do to warn the capital in time of  danger?

AThey made bell sounds
BThey emitted smoke markers
CThey sounded the trumpet

Q7: How was the Great Wall baptized?

A"wall of the sky"
B"the largest cemetery of the world"
C"red wall"

Q8: Why this nickname?

Ait is also a boudist sanctuary
Bmany workmen and prisoners died there
Cbecause of the many battles which proceeded there

Q9: How many million m3 of ground and million m3 materials will have been necessary for its realization?

A1800 million m3 of ground and 600 million m3 of materials
B18 million m3 of ground and 6 million m3 of materials
C180 million m3 of ground and 60 million m3 of materials

Q10: What does  the Chinese name of the Great Wall mean?

Athe Wailing Wall
Bthe large dragon
CWall of the Ten Thousand Li

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