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The Great Wall of China 01

Q1: Which is the name of the emperor who ordered to join together the existing sections of fortifications in only one and single wall enclosing the country?

AHave-tsung you
BLieou Pang
CQin Shihuangdi

Q2: Who was this emperor?

Athe last emperor of China
Bthe first emperor of China
Cthe tenth emperor of China

Q3: Which is one of the characteristics of this work?

Ait is the oldest structure of the ancient world
Bit belongs to the 7 wonders of the Greek ancient world
Cit is the only visible human construction that can be seen from the Moon

Q4: Which is its current length?

A270 kilometers
B2 700 kilometers
C27 000 kilometers

Q5: Which border does it mark?

A a border between China and Japan
B a border between China and India
C a border between China and the Stepps of Central Asia

Q6: Which is  its main function ?

Aan artistic work
Bto protect the Northern border of China
Ca homage to the gods

Q7: When does it become a border?

Aunder the Han empire
Bunder the Qin empire
Cunder Mao

Q8:  When do the first foundations by the feudal states, under the principalities of IQ and Shandong date from?

Abetween 475 - 770 A.D.
Bbetween 770 - 475 B.C.
Cbetween 2000 - 1500 B.C.

Q9: In which material was it built in at the time?

Aalmost entirely built out of wood
Balmost entirely built out of red brick
Calmost entirely built out of beaten ground

Q10: Which was its length under the emperor Qin Shi Huang Di?

A50 000 kilometers
B500 kilometers
C5 000 kilometers

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