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The Forbidden City

Q1: When was this city built?

Abetween 1709 and 1729
Bbetween 1509 and 1529
Cbetween 1909 and 1929

Q2: Under the reign of which Emperor?

AEmperor Qin Shihuangdi
BYongle Emperor
CEmperor Lieou Pang

Q3: When was the city ransacked?

Aduring the fall of the dynasty of Han
Bduring the fall of the dynasty of Yuan
Cduring the fall of the dynasty of Ming

Q4: Who restored it?

Athe Mao
Bthe Mandchous
Cthe Ming

Q5: They remained there until which date?

Auntil 1945
Buntil today
Cuntil 1924

Q6: What are the dimensions of the Forbidden City?

Ait forms a square of 1km on each side
Bit forms a rectangle of 1km long and 760m wide
Cit forms a rectangle of 5km long and 2760m wide

Q7: How big are the ditches measure which isolated it from the rest of the city?

A 5m wide
B 50m wide
C 25m wide

Q8: The house and the seat of the emperor are turned towards the south.
What do these symbols mean in Chinese thought?

A a sign war
B a sign honor and of respect
C a sign of luck

Q9: What does the symbol of the crane represent to the Chinese?

A idleness
B longevity
C fidelity

Q10: What does the symbol of the tortoise represent?


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