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The discovery of Xian

Q1: March 29, 1974,  Chinese peasants dig a well.
What do they discover?

A oil
B a tomb
C parchments coptes

Q2:  This work allotted to which emperor?

Athe third emperor of China
Bthe fifth emperor of China
Cthe first emperor of China

Q3: In which material are  the statues of this tomb made ?

A out of bronze
B out of marble
Cterra cotta

Q4: What did these statues represent, in the days of the emperor Qin Shi Huangdi?

a his harem
B priests and monks
C his army

Q5: What does the Emperor's  tomb symbolise?

A he did not build it
B nothing in particular
C the search of immortality

Q6: How many statues were discovered in this place?

Amore than 700
Bmore than 7000
Cmore than 70000

Q7: What size are they?

A about one meter high
B natural size
C approximately twice a human size

Q8: In which state were discovered these works?

Aall intact
Balmost all broken
Calmost all intact

Driver of tank, terra cotta Qin Shihuangdi (221-209 B.C.)

Q9: Where is this tomb?

Ain Southern China
Bin Northern China
Cin Mongolia

Q10: Which animal is also represented?

Athe elephant
Bthe horse
Cthe turkey

Kneeling statue.
Museum of the warriors and the terra cotta horses of Qin Shihuangdi.

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