Famous Monuments

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construction of the Statue

1. Which architect designed the frame of this monument?

c-Le Corbusier

pricture by vacation_liberty-WEB

2.  What is the name of the sculptor?

a- Maillol
b- Bartholdi
c- Rodin

tour Eiffel

3. For what event was this tower erected?

a- The 1870 World Fair
b- The 1900 World Fair
c- no special occasion

4. What laboratory was set up as early as 1889 at 300 meters of altitude?

a- a sismic laboratory
b- an astronomy lab
c- a weather station


5.What is the name of this Indian palace?

a- Taj Mahal
b- Taj Shéhérazade
c- Taj Halma

6. This immense funeral mosque of white marble was built between 1631 and 1648 in Agra by the Mongol Emperor Shah Jahan to perpetuate the memory of which person in particular?

a- the Emperor's favorite wife Arjumand Banu Begum
b- the Emperor Shah Jahan
c- the goddess Khali


7.Where is this building?

a- In New York City
b- In Brighton, England
c- In New Delhi, India

Mount sculpture by Borglum

8. Who is represented in this monument by Sculptor Gutzon Borglum ?

a- American artists
b- American presidents
c- American religious leaders

9. Where is it located?

a- in the Rocky Mountains
b- in  the
Great Smoky Mountains
c- in Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

picture from vacation_st_basil-WEB

10. In what country is this monument?

a- Russia
b- Japan
c- India


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Statue of Liberty

The Pokhrovsky Cathedral
Commonly called:St. Basil's Cathedral

Royal Pavillion

Shah Jahan


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