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Château de la Loire
Castle with garden moat

1. What type of castle is this?

a-castle from the Middle Ages (1200's)
b-castle from the Renaissance (1600's)
c-castle from the Roman times (200 B.C.)

2.  What is the name of this castle and the city where it is located?

a- Carcassone
b- Angers
c- Amboise

3. What can you see in the castle on the walls?

a- a famous sculpture
b- a famous tapestry
c- a famous inscription


4. This tapestry is 5 meters high and 168 meters long.  It was done during the Hundred Years War around 1375.  What is it's name?

a- the Tapestry of Bayeux
b- the Tapestry of the Apocalypse
c- the  Tapestry of Angers

Chateau de la Loire, by JCSatterlee,watercolor
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5.This castle is called the castle of 6 women.
What is it's real name?

a- Chenonceau
b- Chambord
c-  Villandry

6. What type of castle is it?

a- Gallo-roman
b- Renaissance
c- Feudal

Widow of Henri II/Veuve d Henri II (1519-1589)  Favorite of Henri II
Henri II, son of (fils de) François I + Claude de France (1519-1559)
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7.Who were the two famous women who lived in this castle during the reign of Henri II?

a- Diane de Poitier and Catherine de Medicis
b- Mary Queen of Scotts and Elizabeth I
c- Mary de Medicis and Joan of Arc

Château de la Loire

8. What is the name of this castle which has over 360 rooms and chimneys,and 70 stairscases?

a- Chambord
b- Azay-le-Rideau
c- Blois

Renaissance King (1494-1547)
Portrait by Clouet (Louvre Museum)
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9. The building of this "hunting lodge" was started in 1519 by which French Renaissance king?

a- Louis XIV
b- Henri IV
c- François I

Château de la Loire staircase/escalier

10. This famous staircase designed by Leonardo da Vinci is in which castle?

a- Blois
b- Chaumont
c- Chambord


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