Q1 : What was Gaudi's first name?

a  Marco
b  Napoléon
c  Antonio

Q2 : What was his nationality?

a   Portuguese
b   Swiss
c   Spanish

casamila.jpg (21703 bytes)
Apartment building-Casa Pedrera

Q3 : In which city did Gaudi study architecture?

a  Barcelona
b  Paris
c  London

Q4 : What is the name of this work?

a  Casa Battlo
b  Sagrada Familia
c  La Perdrera

Q5 : To which artistic movement is Gaudi most often associated?

a  Expressionism
b  Cubism
c  Art Nouveau

Q6 : What is the name of this building?

a   Colegio Teresano
b   Pavellons Güell
c   la Casa Vicens

Q7 : Which architect wrote: "Conversations on architecture" which strongly influence Gaudi?

a  Vauban
b  Le Corbusier
c  Viollet-le-Duc

Q8 : For which city was this project from 1908 "American Hotel", conceived?

a  New York
b  Tokyo
c  Madrid

SagradaFamilianuit.jpg (29508 bytes)
Q9 : In which city is the  "Sagrada Familia" ?

a  Monaco
b  Rome
c  Barcelona

angle du "Colegio Teresano"

Q10 : What accident caused Gaudi's death?

a   run over by a bus
b   a plane accident
c   lost at sea

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